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right. as you saw, that was ursula burns, the ceo of xerox. we'll get back to brian when some of those ceos come out. you just heard her say she's expecting a decision to happen on the fiscal cliff. jobs and the american people are the number one priority, should be the number one priority. the problem is we have not seen evidence of any compromise just yet. that's what we're trying to figure out. will we have a compromise by year end, or will dividend taxes go from 15% to 43%? the fiscal cliff includes taxes going much higher and dividends will go to ordinary income. then you have to add on the 3.8% tax on health care legislation. that takes dividends all the way up to 43. 8%, and it takes exam ga -- capital gains up as well. this had been disruptive to the market. as soon as we see more of those executives coming out, we can get more color and information as far as what we are looking at with this fiscal cliff. we certainly will bring you there. meanwhile, schwab ceo sits down with me coming up next. the market sure seems worried about this fiscal cliff. we'll find out if he is and w
to meet with the president, anything from walmart to duke energy to ursula burns of xerox and nine others. they will gather up, they will huddle up and exchange ideas to try to find a fix for the fiscal cliff. the question is, how much is the president willing to give on spending cuts, how much is the gop willing to perhaps give on tax increases and revenue enhancements, and what will the ceos say, ask and demand? eamon javers here also at the white house as we have full team coverage and he has got the ceo part of the story. >> brian, i think one of the key questions going into this ceo meeting as we wait their arrival on the north lawn of the white house is how do these ceos react to the more than $1 trillion figure now that's been floated by the white house for new tax revenues, is that something that they find dismaying, that they feel like they can't even start the negotiations with a number that big? remember that the negotiations last year between boehner and obama really focused on $800 billion figure. now the white house is floating a much larger number. how do those ceos react?
this morning. plus ursula burns is a very busy person. xerox holding investor conference today. she's also a part of the business round table calling for action on the fiscal cliff. she's meeting with president obama on this topic tomorrow and was recently elected to exxon's board. she'll be joining you live at 7:00 eastern. joe, i believe you have breaking earnings numbers. >> home depot 63 cents, a nonrecurring item in there of 11 cents a share. due to the previously announced closing of seven stores in china. on an adjusted basis, the company reported earnings of $1.1 billion or 74 crepts a share, 23% above the same period last year and 4 cents above expectations of 70 cents. third quarter results were better than we expected and reflected in part what we believe is the start of a path towards the healing of the housing market according to frank bica who we hopefully have a picture of in his full regale i can't, full orange home depot apron. because he's an endearing looking guy who you would trust him at your house. there he is. i love him. >> he does have his apron on. >> and i want t
," ursula burns, who will be attending, says she's really willing to help, as long as all parts of government are really willing to listen. >> what i'll say to the president is that we're here to help, we're here to work. we do want a balanced solution that helps all, that helps america rise up. but we want to make sure that we are actually speaking to people who will listen, and i'm hoping that the president and the administration and both sides works. >> it's going to be an important meeting and we will be in washington tomorrow as well with special coverage throughout "squawk on the street." >>> meantime, diamond foods earlier and now, another food stock leading the gators today. over to bertha coombs. >> soup's on for campbell's, carl. they are expected to report their earrings a week from today. this food will be looking for 85 cents on the bottom line, $2.37 billion. yesterday they announced a deal with sodastream. today they put in new 52-week high, taking out a high from a month ago. back to you. >> thanks, bertha. >>> a little bit later, it's a move worth some ink. we'l
think we've heard echoed by some of the ceos who were meeting with the. the earlier this week. ursula burns says she's kr concerned about trying to find tax structure for new corporate taxes, may even the playing field a little bit more even if it becomes more simplified and also talked about immigration. what other topics are things that come to the top of mind when you start thinking about competitiveness? >> well harvard business school has done a major body of work on this in two major surveys of the business community and we would identify a number of areas. corporate tax reform is fundamental. it's one of the number one issues, we've got to get the rates down, we've got to broaden the base and we've got to deal with this international taxation system that's punishing u.s. companies. number two we've got to make a move on high scaled immigration. we have a lot of issues but have to focus on the thing everybody agrees on which is allowing high school people to come, letting people that graduate from our own universities stay here. infrastructure issue is zapping our costs, we have
. the first was a couple weeks ago like jeff immelt and ursula burns and employed blalloyd bla the key thing is if you take a ceo like lloyd blankfein, he's not going to be building plants so not in the same position as the ceo of dupont who yesterday said that, she has stopped spending or pulled back spending significantly because of all this. because she is making plant decisions and she's dealing with the agriculture industry. there's so many -- the farm bill is up in the air. so many things you don't think about but the question with the ceos, is it really going to move the needle or just to show that he is clearly trying to repair his relationship with business. >> harold, these meetings with ceos, are really important because you and i both know and can say it now that the election is over, there were a lot of democrats, loyal lifelong democrats that ran a lot of really big corporations that went in, talked to president obama, they left and they left and in 2009, 2010 would say to people like you and me off the air, the guy is clueless when it comes to business. he is absolutely cluele
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6